About Nomad Blog

After living in Western NY for the first 55 years of my life I never imagined that my wife (Darryl) and I would move to Central Florida and three years later move again to the Mid-Columbia Basin of Washington.  Now I suppose that consideration of the economic upheavals of early 21 Century make this all seem quite predictable, but I never saw it coming.  In those moved Darryl and I have gone through some changes, mostly in our employment choices.  Darryl starting a custom kitchen and bath business and I becoming a contract environmental auditor.  Our adventures are not recommended for the faint of heart.

First Christmas in Florida.

As I reside alone in yet another apartment in Richland, Washington waiting for her to join me after my move months ago, I sometimes struggle to understand  – WHAT THE HELL ARE WE THINKING!  Upon reflection it has been an interesting mix of emotions from fear to resignation to wonderment to confusion – the gambit.  So, that brings me to this blog.

I am hoping that by documenting the past few months or more I may begin to get my head around – WHAT THE HELL WE WERE THINKING!  Of course, I may find that we have been doing very little ‘thinking’ and just charging ahead on a baseless sense of confidence.  This blog will contain my biased ‘insights’ into our decision making but more just a chronicling of our adventure.  Because I am writing this ‘journal’ it will also discuss fishing (mostly with a fly), camping, kayaking, putting thousands of miles between family and friends and most certainly blues music.

Darryl is fond of saying that we could be “dropped in the middle of a field” and we could figure out how to thrive.  Well, so far so good, I guess.

Let’s see…