Maybe our favorite Florida camping trip – The Keys!

In May of 2008 we joined Catherine and Eugene for part of their annual, week-long trip to the Florida Keys.  Our campsite was Long Key State Park.  This trip included kayaking in the ocean, snorkeling around the coral, watching sea turtles up close and personal, amazing sunrises and sunsets and, of course, a trip to Key West.  In Key West we had the most wonderful Cuban lunch in an out-of-the-way place that Eugene knows and overpriced margaritas downtown.  The no-see-ums were annoying when the wind wasn’t blowing but overall what a wonderful trip.

Beach in front of campsite.

Cool morning breeze off the ocean.  Trust me, it warmed up.


Darryl watches sunset.

Sunset over the Gulf of Mexico.

Catherine and Eugene plan the day over morning coffee.

Low tide looking from camp and back.  We appreciate whomever put that pipe in the sand.
High tide.
Key West Pics below.

Garden at the Hemingway house.

Very funny story about this fountain/cat watering trough.  The bottom (tiled) part was a urinal from Hemingway’s favorite watering hole and putting it in the garden was a revenge move toward his soon-to-be ex-wife for putting a pool in while he was away.  You should go there and hear all of the stories during the tour.

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